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Game Changing eCommerce Marketing Trends from 2016

eCommerce continues to grow and achieve new heights. New technology is now enabling the customers to shop at their convenience. Consumers are now connected to online channels all day every day which is what makes shopping online an appealing choice. This has enabled retailers to reach out to consumers using novel marketing tactics.

New studies show that consumers are spending more time online from their mobile phones than computers and most retail sales are also conducted through mobile devices. Investing in making sure these customers return to your website can be lucrative as they bring huge returns for the business. A returning customer is likely to spend three times as much as new customer because they know the website can be trusted and are satisfied with the products.

“Create Personalized Shopping Experiences”

A great personalized shopping experience is key to retaining customers and attracting new ones. People are more likely to buy something from your store if they are suggested products that target their interests. Also, customers do not mind paying extra for a smoother shopping experience. A majority of the customers do not mind eCommerce businesses tracking their online activity to suggest relevant items to them.

Personalization guarantees results in terms of sales. Product recommendations via email based on what the customer previously bought are always welcomed. This requires analyzing consumer data and creating profiles to send highly targeted recommendations. The analytics may include demographics, previous purchases, lifestyle and purchase value. These recommendations help old customers discover new items and promote customer loyalty.

Personalized discounts are another way to take sales to new heights. Examples include incentivizing retrieval of abandoned carts to previous customers to prolong the lifetime value. Behavioral data can also help marketers pinpoint which offers might interest a certain type of customer.

Get Reviewed by Customers

The customer of today always makes informed decisions and conducts lengthy research before coming to the decision of making a purchase. This research naturally includes reviews which can make or break a sale. Since customers trust other customers and can relate to them on a personal level they will take their word on a product. A negative review is very likely to deter customers while a positive review will influence them to buy the product.

It is also said customers are more inclined to buy from a website that offers reviews on products. To get people to leave reviews you can entice them by offering loyalty points, discounts and complimentary items. The review leaving process should be simple and easy so that customers are not bothered by it. Also, al reviews must be linked to the website and show up on all computers and mobile devices. Another good way to encourage customers to review the product is by sending a follow up email soon after the purchase has been made.

Engage with Interactive Content

Companies are now putting in time and effort into making shopping on their website an interactive experience. For this to happen, you need a great online shopping cart system, you can find these at companies such as Shopify. This content can be in the form of high quality videos which ensure the consumers return to the website. Product videos are a great way to relay information on new products and offers to customers. A customer is more likely to make a purchase after watching a video about the particular product they are interested in.

Content also helps companies build connections with their customers by telling their back story in a gripping format. Content marketing is evolving and online retailers are getting more creative with their websites. Sharing it on social media is also another way to reach out to more people and drive them to the website.